Typesetting Services – We do more than arrange font here !

Have you ever had the feeling your readable content was boring or unattractive? Chances are it’s due to the lack of accurate typesetting in your documentation. This art form when done properly can be more than a mere arrangement of font, appealing to our most trusted and valued sense, our sight. With these services you will be able to create an enduring market for your product by alluring promotions and advertisements.

Nearly 80% of people only scan or skim the content in any document at first glance. Most do not find the time and patience to read text word by word unless they find it captivating, interesting or somehow useful to them. If your document tends to have long, stretched out sections, then few are ready to spend their time reading it. Reliable typesetting can relieve your problems by precisely adjusting the size, shape, color and spacing of the selected fonts as well as any graphics, images, tables, etc…

ADAPT LS has over 10 years of experience rendering typesetting services. When it comes to pagination of literature, E-books, periodicals and journals ALS is the place where you get reliable and up-to-date results. Once you have requested the document and provided your ideas, your part is done. We will manage the rest and deliver you a flawless product.

We operate on a multiple platforms depending on the nature and complexity of the project to be paginated. Below are some of the software integrations we take advantage of;

  • QuarkXPress                               – for straight forward texting and multicolor fonts
  • 3B2                                                – for XML input source
  • In Design and In Page               – for perfect picture and typography control
  • Page Maker and Free Hand     – for full featured typesetting
  • Tex/Latex                                     – for documents involving complex mathematical equations
  • Frame maker                               – for non-mathematic and academic contents
  • Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator   – for high quality images and fonts

We are also flexible with Microsoft software like Office, Front Page and Publisher on both Mac and PC.

Our able-bodied team of paginators, proofreaders and project managers provide end to end services ranging from editing, proof reading, designing layout, color, scanning to graphic related activities. Initially we edit the manuscript provided to us in paper or digital file format. We then send it to the client for further improvements, edits or corrections. Once satisfied, we take all feedback and ideas and begin to assemble an attractive improvisation. We have mastered the art of converting your rough ideas, drafts and techniques into professional class documents.

Our areas of expertise include;

  • Technical user guides
  • Training manuals
  • Educational posters
  • Advertising copy
  • Information booklets
  • Teachers resource guides

Our typesetting services stand out of the box, are cost effective and will never compromise on quality. We assure you will enjoy a hassle-free experience once you are with us.


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